Wendy Carrillo DUI Arrest and Crash: What You Need to Know

Wendy Carrillo Arrested on Suspicion of Drunk Driving

The recent DUI arrest of Wendy Carrillo, a member of the California State Assembly, has garnered significant media attention. This in-depth article examines the circumstances of her arrest, her political standing, and the broader implications.

About Wendy Carrillo

Wendy Carrillo serves the 51st Assembly District of California. Her political career is distinguished by her commitment to key social issues:

  • Immigration reform
  • Affordable housing
  • Labor rights

As the first Salvadoran immigrant and allegedly the first undocumented immigrant in the State Assembly, her arrest has raised many questions.

The Arrest Details

On a recent Friday morning, Wendy Carrillo faced DUI charges after a traffic collision in Los Angeles.

  • Arrest Time: Approximately 1:35 AM
  • Booking: Occurred at 4:07 AM
  • Location of Incident: 6200 block of Monterey Road, Northeast Los Angeles
  • Blood Alcohol Content: Reported to be twice the legal limit

What Happened?

Carrillo’s vehicle collided with two parked cars, an event captured by a bystander’s cell phone. The footage, which has not been publicly released, depicts Carrillo interacting with police officers at the scene.

Community Reaction

Public InterestHigh, with many searching for the arrest and crash video
Media CoverageExtensive, with footage being sought after by news outlets

Carrillo’s Public Response

In light of these events, Wendy Carrillo stated to address the incident and public concern.

  • Accountability: Carrillo acknowledges the incident and the importance of upholding a higher standard.
  • Apology: She offers a sincere apology to her family, constituents, and colleagues.
  • Future Actions: Carrillo commits to seeking help and continuing her service to the community.


The arrest of Wendy Carrillo serves as a potent reminder of the scrutiny public officials face and the impact of their actions on their careers and public perception. As the community and media seek further details, Carrillo’s path forward will be closely monitored.