Where is Helen Mouton going after leaving Inoro TV? Find out Now

Where is Helen Mouton going after leaving Inoro TV

Helen Mouton, a prominent figure in the Kenyan media landscape, has recently announced her departure from Inooro TV. This news has sparked significant interest among her fans and the media industry, leading to speculation about her next career move and potential changes in her professional life. Mouton, known for her seven-year tenure hosting the Kikuyu gospel morning show ‘Rurumuka’ on Inooro TV, has been a staple in the Kenyan gospel media scene. Her departure has left many questioning where she will go next and what her future endeavors will be.

Summary Table

Former PositionHost of ‘Rurumuka’ on Inooro TV
Years of Service7 years
Departure DateAnnounced in November 2023
Future PlansNot yet disclosed
ReactionSignificant interest and speculation among fans and colleagues
Public StatementDenial of being fired, gratitude expressed to RMS

Background and Impact at Inooro TV

Helen Mouton’s journey with Inooro TV began in 2016, marking a significant chapter in her career. During her time at the station,

she became a beloved figure, known for her engaging hosting style and connection with the audience. Her show ‘Rurumuka,’ a popular Kikuyu gospel program, aired every Sunday morning and garnered a loyal following. Mouton’s departure was not only a shock to her colleagues and fans but also left a noticeable void in the programming of Inooro TV.

Reactions to Departure

The announcement of Mouton’s departure led to an outpouring of emotion from fans and colleagues. Many took to social media to express their sadness and to wish her well in her future endeavors. Her co-host, Daniel Kihoro, also known as Dj Covenant, commended her for her fantastic hosting skills and friendship, acknowledging her significant contribution to his own career growth.

The farewell segment on her last day at the station was filled with gifts, compliments, and an overall celebration of her tenureThe response to Helen Mouton’s departure was both heartfelt and widespread, highlighting the deep connection she had established with her audience and colleagues over the years.

Social media platforms buzzed with messages of support and admiration for Mouton, reflecting the impact she had made through her role on ‘Rurumuka’.

Social Media Reactions

Fans expressed their emotions openly on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Many shared personal stories of how Mouton’s show had impacted their lives, offering thanks for her years of service and inspiration. The sentiment of these messages was predominantly one of gratitude and best wishes for her future.

Colleague’s Tributes

Daniel Kihoro, better known as Dj Covenant, was among the colleagues who publicly acknowledged Mouton’s influence. His tribute underscored not just her professional excellence but also the personal bonds she had formed at Inooro TV. His acknowledgement of her role in his career advancement was a testament to the collaborative and supportive environment she fostered.

Farewell Celebrations

The farewell segment on Mouton’s last day was a poignant moment. It featured presentations of gifts and heartfelt compliments from her colleagues, symbolizing their appreciation and respect. This celebration served as a fitting tribute to her tenure, showcasing the high regard in which she was held by her peers at the station.

Legacy and Influence

Helen Mouton’s legacy at Inooro TV goes beyond her role as a host. She was a mentor, a friend, and a significant contributor to the station’s success. Her departure leaves a notable gap in ‘Rurumuka’, but also sets a benchmark for excellence and dedication that will continue to inspire those at Inooro TV and beyond.

Anticipation for Future Announcements

As the media and her fans await further announcements regarding her career plans, the speculation continues. Whatever path Mouton chooses next, it is clear that she will carry with her a wealth of experience and the support of a community that values her contributions deeply.


,Helen Mouton’s journey at Inooro TV may have come to an end, but her influence and the fond memories she leaves behind will undoubtedly endure. The media industry, her colleagues, and her myriad of fans are keenly anticipating the next chapter in her illustrious career.