William Bergin Obituary: A Legacy of Love and Family in Ottawa, CA

The Ottawa community is mourning the loss of William Bergin, a man whose life was a rich tapestry of love, family, and cherished moments. William’s passing is not merely the end of a life well-lived, but a celebration of a legacy built on enduring love and familial bonds. He leaves behind memories that continue to bring comfort and solace to those who knew him.

Summary Table

NameWilliam Bergin
LocationOttawa, Canada
Marital StatusMarried to Margaret (nee Glaser) for 60 years
ChildrenCorinne Bergin, Allison Gaspari
GrandchildrenAlexandria Potosnak, Zoie Gaspari
Nieces and NephewsNikki Ann Corrado, Ginny Bishop, Edward Radigan, George DePalma, Anthony, Greg, Bill Herenda
Predeceased SistersAudrey Radigan, Adelaide DePalma, Grace Herenda
Predeceased NieceLynn Maroney Herenda

Celebrating a Devoted Family Man

William Bergin’s life was marked by his unwavering love and devotion to his family. Married for sixty years to Margaret, their partnership was a beacon of commitment and mutual understanding. As a father, his guidance and support were instrumental in shaping the lives of his daughters, Corinne and Allison. The bond he shared with his family extended beyond immediate relatives, profoundly influencing his nieces, nephews, and their children.

Cherished Moments as a Grandfather

One of William’s greatest joys was being a grandfather. His granddaughters, Alexandria and Zoie, brought immense happiness into his life. Known affectionately as the “Best Poppy ever,” William’s interactions with them were filled with joy, laughter, and love, creating lasting memories.

A Pillar of Strength and Kindness

William’s impact was not limited to his family; he was also a beloved brother and uncle. His presence at family gatherings and celebrations was always special, making him a cherished figure among relatives. His warmth, kindness, and genuine nature were evident in the relationships he cultivated, leaving a lasting impression on everyone he met.

Honoring a Life Well-Lived

As we reflect on William Bergin’s life, we also remember his late sisters, Audrey, Adelaide, and Grace, and his niece, Lynn. Their memories, held close to the hearts of those who mourn William’s passing, remind us of the enduring bond of family and love.

A Life Woven with Love and Family

William Bergin’s life story is one of deep love and commitment to family. His sixty-year marriage to Margaret stood as a testament to their shared dreams and aspirations. Their union inspired those around them, showcasing the beauty of a life shared in love and understanding.

The Impact of a Father

William’s role as a father was pivotal in the lives of his daughters, Corinne and Allison. His guidance, support, and unwavering love helped shape them into the women they are today. The influence of his fatherhood extended beyond his immediate family, touching the lives of his nieces and nephews, and illustrating William’s ability to impact those around him.

The Joy of Grandfatherhood

Being a grandfather brought boundless happiness to William’s life. His granddaughters, Alexandria and Zoie, were sources of immense joy. His legacy lives on in the memories he created with them, marked by joy, laughter, and love.

A Beloved Relative and Friend

William’s impact extended beyond his immediate family. As a brother, uncle, and friend, he connected deeply with those around him. The relationships he built were a testament to his warmth, kindness, and genuine nature. His presence added a special touch to family gatherings, making him a cherished figure.

Remembering the Loved Ones

In remembering William Bergin, we also honor his sisters and niece who preceded him in death. Their memory remains a comforting presence for those grieving William’s passing, a reminder of the unbreakable bonds of family.


William Bergin’s legacy is a rich tapestry of love, family, and cherished moments. His life, deeply rooted in Ottawa, CA, leaves behind memories that will continue to bring comfort and solace to all who were fortunate enough to be part of his journey. William’s love for his family and his impact on the community will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.