William Bergin Obituary, Ottawa CA, What Happened to William Bergin?

The city of Hoboken mourns the loss of William Anthony Bergin, known affectionately as Billy, who passed away on December 27, 2019, at the Capital Health Medical Center in Pennington, New Jersey. A revered firefighter and public safety director, William’s life was marked by his commitment to public service and his loving family.

Summary of William Bergin’s Obituary

NameWilliam Anthony Bergin (Billy)
Age at PassingNot specified
Date of PassingDecember 27, 2019
Place of PassingCapital Health Medical Center, Pennington, NJ
HometownBorn in Jersey City; longtime resident of Hoboken
CareerFirefighter, Deputy Fire Chief, Public Safety Director in Hoboken
FamilySurvived by wife Margaret, daughters Corinne and Allison, and granddaughters
Memorial ServiceNot specified

A Pillar in the City of Hoboken

William Bergin’s service as a firefighter in Hoboken since 1960 established him as a pillar in the community. His dedication to public safety saw him rise through the ranks to become Deputy Fire Chief and later the Public Safety Director from 2007 to 2009. His return to public service even after retirement reflects his unwavering commitment to the city.

Commitment to Family and Community

William’s life was not only defined by his professional achievements but also by his deep love for his family. Married for sixty years to Margaret, and father to Corinne and Allison, his family was his pride and joy. His granddaughters, Alexandria and Zoie, were the light of his life.

Military Service and Other Pursuits

William’s sense of duty was evident early in his life, serving in the United States Army from 1958 to 1960 before becoming a firefighter. His involvement in the New Jersey Football Officials Association and his passion for officiating sports highlighted his multifaceted interests and contributions to the community.

A Legacy Beyond Firefighting

Beyond his firefighting career, William was instrumental in establishing the Hoboken Fire Department Museum, showcasing his dedication to preserving the history and legacy of Hoboken’s fire service.

Remembering William Bergin

The community remembers William Bergin not just for his public service but for the impact he had on those around him. His legacy in Hoboken and his family’s hearts will be cherished and remembered.

The Enduring Legacy of William Bergin

William’s Role in Hoboken’s Public Safety

William’s commitment to Hoboken’s public safety was profound. His leadership in various roles, including as Public Safety Director, left an indelible mark on the city’s safety and emergency services.

A Family Man at Heart

At the core of William’s life was his family. His long-standing marriage, cherished daughters, and adored granddaughters speak volumes of the man he was – devoted, loving, and proud.

The Veteran’s Pride

William’s service in the United States Army laid the foundation for his life of service. His pride as a veteran was evident in his dedication to his roles in public service and community involvement.

Contributions Beyond the Fire Department

William’s establishment of the Hoboken Fire Department Museum and his involvement in sports officiating reflect his dedication to the community beyond his firefighting career. These contributions demonstrate his multifaceted personality and commitment to various aspects of community life.

Remembering a Community Icon

William Bergin’s passing leaves a legacy of dedication, service, and love. He will be remembered as a hero in both his professional and personal life, deeply missed by those who knew him.


William Bergin’s life exemplifies dedication to public service, devotion to family, and a commitment to community involvement. His legacy in Hoboken and within his family will continue to inspire and be remembered for generations to come.