Yvonne Ramage: A Tribute to a Life of Love and Service

In loving memory of Yvonne Ramage, who peacefully departed from this world on December 4th, we pay tribute to a remarkable woman whose life was defined by love, family, and a deep commitment to her community. Yvonne’s journey was one of enduring love, selflessness, and unwavering dedication, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to know her.

A Life Well Lived

Here’s a summary table highlighting key aspects of Yvonne Ramage’s life and legacy:

Departure DateYvonne Ramage passed away on December 4th, surrounded by her loving family.
Love and ReunionYvonne found solace in reuniting with her husband and soulmate, Allen.
A Lifelong PartnershipYvonne and Allen’s journey began with their marriage in 1950, followed by the blessing of two sons.
Cherished FamilyYvonne leaves behind a loving family, including her sons, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
A Life of GivingYvonne’s vibrant life spanned seventy-two years, marked by her dedication to family and community.
Volunteerism and CommunityYvonne actively contributed to her community through volunteer work and selfless acts of kindness.

Love and Reunion

Yvonne’s departure from this world marked not just an end but a beautiful reunion with her beloved husband and soulmate, Allen. Their love story began when they crossed paths as young adults, recognizing in each other a bond that would stand the test of time.

A Lifelong Partnership

In 1950, Yvonne and Allen exchanged vows in Edgewater, British Columbia, embarking on a journey of love and commitment that would span over seven decades. Their union was blessed with the gift of two sons, Wesley and Roy, who brought joy and fulfillment to their lives.

Cherished Family

Yvonne’s legacy extends through her loving family, including her sons, Wesley and Roy, their respective partners, and her three cherished grandchildren: Ora, Aaron, and Tamara. These grandchildren, along with their families, were a source of pride and happiness for Yvonne.

A Life of Giving

Yvonne’s life was characterized by boundless energy and an unwavering commitment to her family and community. For seventy-two years, she never ceased to move, connecting with her family and selflessly giving back to her community. Her greatest joy was brightening someone’s day and letting them know they were cared for.

Volunteerism and Community

Yvonne and Allen’s presence in their community was synonymous with volunteerism and service. Their longstanding association with the Legion, where they participated in Remembrance Day ceremonies and poppy sales, exemplified their dedication. Yvonne’s organizational skills shone at the curling rink, where she managed the ice sheet’s schedule effectively. Additionally, she volunteered at Hilltop House, where she actively contributed to Friday night dinners.

A Legacy of Wisdom

In her final year, Yvonne, filled with wisdom and love, shared a profound message: “Be Happy, Be Kind, and Be the Boss of Yourself.” This mantra reflected how she lived her own life, embracing happiness, kindness, and personal empowerment.

A Final Request

In lieu of flowers, the family kindly requests donations to Hilltop House Society, a cause dear to Yvonne’s heart, or a charity of your choice. Your contributions will honor her memory and continue the spirit of giving that defined her life.

Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life for Yvonne Ramage will be held on April 22, 2023, at Squamish Funeral Chapel at eleven o’clock in the morning. This gathering will commemorate a life filled with love, service, and the enduring impact of Yvonne’s presence.